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Communication’s Vital Role in Team Building

Even with the purest intentions, being a good team player and helping to build a strong team takes intentionality to make sure it doesn't derail. Trina Lee, 4word Mentor Program manager and 4word: Portland leader, shares her tips for being the best team player you can be.

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Want Wisdom? All You Have To Do Is Ask.

LaDonna Slade, speaker, coach, and small groups coordinator for 4word: Austin, guides us through the process of finding wisdom and good news: it's simple!

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Effective Leadership Starts with Defined Values and Beliefs

Patricia Asp, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach and 4word Board Member, shares how defined values and beliefs can spell success for any company.

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What Does ‘Leading from the Heart’ Look Like?

If you're a compassionate leader, does that mean you're going to be seen as a weak leader? This month's "leading from the heart" topic aims to answer that.

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