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GRATEFULNESS ‘. . . for such a time as this.’ – 4word’s year in review by Diane Paddison

As 2020 comes to a close, Diane Paddison reflects on the celebrations from the past 12 months and shares where 4word aims to go in 2021.

5 Min Read
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Five Steps to Avoid Family Conflict During the Holidays

Dr. Debra J. Dean, President and CEO of Dean Business Consulting, writes for the 4word blog with her thoughts on keeping family celebrations civil this holiday season, in-person or from afar.

12 Min Read
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Use the Power of Traditions to Draw Individuals Into a Community

Allison Carey, direct response marketer at American Bible Society and Large Events Chair of 4word: Philadelphia, explains the importance of honoring traditions (especially in a pandemic holiday season) and the potential power those traditions could harness in creating a close community with those in your life.

7 Min Read
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