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How Christians Should View Self-Care

Is self-care Biblical? Are we right to feel guilty about taking time for ourselves? We wrap up July's self-care talk with how Christians should view it.

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What Self-Care Looks Like to a 4word Woman

We asked the 4word team to share what self-care looks like in their lives and shared their answers with you. We hope this sparks some ideas!

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Why We Must Rest to Work

Christy Baca guest writes on the 4word blog about how she has learned that in order to be the most effective worker, she has to make room for rest.

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Self-Care When Life is Messy

Jane McGrath learned the vital importance of embracing self-care in the midst of a "messy life" after unexpectedly becoming a caregiver to her husband.

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When Self-Care Guilt Strikes

Do you battle guilt when you prioritize your needs over others'? Does everyone around you seem happier than you? If you answered "yes," read this.

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