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Purpose Doesn’t Equal Comfort

Here at 4word, this month's topic of "purpose" has been a refreshing wake-up call for us. It's getting to be that time of the year when plans and budgets for 2019 are being formulated and new initiatives and resources are being dreamed up for our 4word women. As… Read More

Your Purpose is Your “Why”

Purpose is tricky. Sometimes we may believe we are on the path God has laid before us...but a few miles later, we painfully come to realize we’ve been following our own GPS. Kristin Brown, Vice President of Communications for the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics,… Read More

The Purpose Dilemma

"Why am I here?" "What is the point?" "How do I know I'm headed in the right direction?" "Does it really matter?" Have you ever found yourself asking those questions - out loud or in your head? Are you even a… Read More

Step Into Your Purpose

Have you enjoyed this month's discussion on purpose? We forced ourselves to really look deep and decide if we knew our purpose or not. We were encouraged to not just embrace the purpose that has been revealed to us but to also value our worth. We were instructed to… Read More

Finding Your Purpose Takes Focus

Finding your purpose is one thing. Staying on course with your purpose and shaping your life around it is a whole other story. Author, leadership expert, and longtime friend of 4word, Valerie Sokolosky, shares her thoughts on purpose and how mentorship plays a vital role in successfully… Read More

Be Secure in Your Worth

This week, 4word is celebrating Giving Day, a chance for our community to join together and contribute to the mission of 4word as we reach more women in the workplace. (Click here to join me and contribute between now and September 14th!)  I am humbled daily… Read More

Do You Know Your Purpose?

Purpose. There's nothing more comforting... and terrifying. We have all experienced the turmoil of figuring out why we're here. Why were we created? What is our role in the grander scheme of everything going on on Earth? Does everyone have a purpose, or are there just a… Read More

It’s Time to End the Pretending

“Put on a happy face.” How many times did you hear that growing up? How often do you tell yourself that today? Sometimes, it’s OK to grin through what you’re really feeling, but then there are times when you need to stop faking it, to yourself and… Read More

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

“Our hearts ache, but we always have joy," (2 Corinthians 6:10, NLT). I have never gone through anything as horrible as watching my daughter, Annie, suffer through ten months of debilitating pain. Oh, I’ve experienced suffering before…a divorce, a rebellious teenager, the loss of my parents…but this tops… Read More

From Privilege to Orphanage

Making plans for our lives is a natural practice that we all take part in. From vacations to education to careers, we are constantly picking paths to take ourselves down. For Brittany Merrill Underwood, founder of Akola Project, the path she had thought she was going down… Read More