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Three Things You Need To Know About Anxiety

Renee Johnson Fisher of is happily married, has a fulfilling career as a Christian speaker and author, and she’s got a great smile. But as she bravely shared here last week, Renee is plagued by anxiety and panic attacks. Her words got me thinking this week about… Read More

"Well, God… I'm Still Single."

Ladies, meet Katie Keil. She lives in San Francisco, where she works as a Brand Manager for Clorox. Like Jennifer Garner’s character in 13 Going on 30, she’s “30, flirty, fun” and… still single. Last week, Katie sat down with us to talk about her struggles in the… Read More

Loving the Family you Married

Ever notice how many orphans there are in romantic comedies? Okay, maybe not actual orphans, but at least one of the main characters always seems to be (by choice or fate) alone in the world. If they have family, you rarely meet them. The script writers do this… Read More

Navigating Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace

In today’s interview, meet Lisbeth McNabb, a 4word board member sharing expertise around digital communications and social media. In October 2007, after a successful 20+ year career at companies like, PepsiCo Frito-Lay and American Airlines, Lisbeth decided to launch For professional women seeking a path to… Read More

Romance at Work: Is It Risky Business?

Should you date someone at work? Maybe! But it depends. Are you a bright, career-minded woman with a job you like at a solid company? Your workplace may provide access to more like minded single men than your extracurricular activities do. This is especially true if you’re working… Read More

When Faith and Work Meet in the Ministry

Ladies, meet Dr. Peggy Banks, Minister to Women at Northwest Bible Church (which, incidentally, is Diane’s home church in Dallas). Peggy is passionate about training women for leadership development and helping them see their true identity and purpose. That passion has led to a more than 20-year career… Read More

Spiritual Truths For Working Moms

Are you mom enough? That’s what Time magazine asked this week in a controversial cover article. The article focused on a certain style of parenting called “attachment parenting,” but I’m more interested in the approach than in the subject matter. That question is the worst kind of conversation… Read More

Transitioning to Motherhood, Part 2

Our interview today is a continuation of the conversation we began last week with 4word women Courtney and Meghan about making the transition to motherhood. Courtney is currently a full-time mom to her six-month-old, Ethan, and Meghan’s first baby is due in early August. We recommend that you… Read More

Maternity Leave

How do you answer questions about returning to work after having a baby? This week a reader we’ll call Gloria, wrote in with just that question: I've just had my third baby. I guess you could say I have maternity leave down to a science.  I have family… Read More

Transitioning to Motherhood, Part 1

This week begins a two-part interview series around the topic of working motherhood. Courtney Howard (pictured left) hails from Los Angeles. She met Diane through her board work on the Salvation Army’s National Advisory Boards. She’s pictured here with her six-month-old, Ethan. Our second interviewee (pictured right) is… Read More

Home for Dinner

The COO of Facebook leaves work every day by 5:30 to have dinner with her kids, and she thinks you should too. How great is that? I love so many things about this clip. First, it's refreshing to hear women talk frankly about their balancing choices.  Note that… Read More

All about self-management

This week, we interviewed Kathy Peel, an author, speaker and expert on family management, about a topic you might not think is part of managing your home: self-management. -------------------- 4word: What is self-management and why is it important? Kathy: Managing everything in your life is really about managing… Read More

Prayer and Happiness

Would you say you’re pretty happy? Research shows that only around 50% of Americans would answer yes. This was true in 1972, and the percentage has remained roughly the same since, despite dramatic increases in our average standard of living and gross domestic product per capita.  So, we… Read More