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I Never Wanted To Be Divorced

When it comes to “relationships,” women tend to throw more of their time, energy, and even money into the ring to keep things “just right.” Chances are, you are one of these women, and chances are, all of your efforts are going to waste. Catherine Gates, Director of… Read More

Is This Why Relationships Fail?

If you had three seconds to state your most important relationship, what would you come up with? If you're married, it would likely be your spouse. Single? Maybe your best friend, sibling, or even parent. No matter which life stage you're in, "relationship" is an evident… Read More

A Well-Designed Day: Living with Intention

Ever wanted to lead a more organized life that left you feeling more accomplished, too? Entrepreneur Whitney English shares her advice for doing just that! ------ 4word: Share with us how you started your company. Why did you want to start it? Whitney: The idea for Day Designer came… Read More

When Wanting Turns to Waiting

Becoming a parent is something that many couples dream about and plan for. Most women can recall wanting to be a mommy ever since they held their first baby doll. Once a couple begins trying to start their family, however, they just might discover that God’s plan for… Read More

War Against Your Family

Raising children in this present world can be a daunting task. As parents, you watch your children become exposed to and combat issues, situations, and temptations that you never would have seen when you were their age. How can you guide your family steadfastly through the muck and… Read More

Unmistakable Bond

The bond between fathers and daughters is unmistakable. Dads want to protect their princesses from the world, and daughters grow up hoping to find a life partner that will emulate their father’s best qualities. So just how important is the “first man” in a woman’s life? We spoke… Read More

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Him!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T…find out what it means to me… Can’t you just hear Aretha belting out that song? Well, throughout modern times, us women have earned the right to be respected.  We have worked hard to become strong, independent, educated, and accomplished. We are business leaders, spiritual leaders, and world… Read More

Secretary to Senior Vice President in 20 Years

Meet Jeanette Flory, a portfolio manager at Bentall Kennedy in charge of $7.2 billion in assets. She’s had an amazing career trajectory: twenty years ago, she had just started in real estate as an administrative assistant. -------------------- 4word: Tell us about the span of your career, and what… Read More

Making Long-Distance Dating Work

Today we’d like you to meet the newly engaged Anna Demyanik and Sergey Kalinin. Anna is a 4word Portland member and a Global Buyer at Columbia Sportwear Co. She met Serge through a mutual friend a decade ago but didn’t connect with him until he moved to Seattle,… Read More