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Finding Strength in Friendship

Are all friendships equal? Do Christian friendships have an edge over your other friendships? Author Beth Hicks weighs in on the uniqueness of Christian friendships and how you can benefit from them. ------ 4word: What led you to become a Christian author? Beth: I became a Christian… Read More

Making Time For Friends

Are you feeling too busy for friends? For working women with countless demands on their lives, “keeping up with friends” too often gets pushed to the side. Maybe it’s because there isn’t enough time in a day, or because “friends time” feels like too much of a guilty… Read More

Redemption After Divorce

Once upon a time, the fairy-tale version of my life was looking pretty good. By age 35, I had been married for over a decade, to a man who checked all the “right” boxes. I had a great education, a job I enjoyed, a church home, and… Read More