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Find Your Sweet Spot

You find yourself getting to the end of your day, with barely enough energy to crawl into bed. You logged time at the office, played chauffeur all around town after school, and managed to pull together something remotely nutritious for dinner. Yet you find yourself dreaming about doing… Read More

High Tech Juggling

The higher up the corporate ladder you climb, the more intense the work/life balance struggle begins to feel. How do you know the “right” amount of time to designate to the office and to your family and home? How can you keep yourself and your priorities in check… Read More

Confidence Now – Flexibility Later

Your hard work now could pay off with flexibility in the future. Life rarely follows a straight line. There will be times when we need to realign our priorities and make massive life adjustments. Tamara Scoville has spent her professional career pursuing balance between work and family. She… Read More