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A “Game-Changer” for Breast Cancer

Last October, we spoke with the CEO of Concure Oncology, Sandra Rorem, to learn about a ground-breaking new breast cancer treatment. A year later, we check in with Sharon Purcell to see how the treatment is spreading out across the country and what women have to say about… Read More

Pay Attention To YOU

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we wanted to highlight a recent innovation in breast cancer treatment. Sandra Rorem, a veteran of the healthcare industry, is working to bring a game-changing breast cancer treatment to the United States that has been done in Canada since 2002. She… Read More

Beyond the SHOCK

For women, breast cancer is something that we all hear about but might not completely understand. To help raise more awareness for the disease and to educate women on options and information available, we spoke with Kara Causey with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. ------ 4word: How was… Read More