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Be The Gift of Change

Merry Christmas to our 4word family! As we all celebrate and take time to relax over the next few days, we wanted to not only wrap up our year on the 4word blog but also come full circle with this month's topic of giving. We discussed different… Read More

Career, Kids, Then Another Career

There are many stages of parenting: infant years, toddler years, and school-age years. Then, your children are leaving the nest, and you’re left wondering, “What’s next?” When Rhonda Kehlbeck, Director for Global Engagement with the Halftime Institute, found herself with an empty nest, she began the journey… Read More

Raising a Red Flag

It’s not a concern, until it happens to you. Domestic violence, bullying and stalking are serious topics that tend to receive little to no attention in our society today. We spoke with Angela Daffron and Cathy Johnson, two inspirational women who have taken a stand against the violence seen in their… Read More

How to Prosper in Times of Change

Change in life is unavoidable. At some point, we all find ourselves standing at a crossroads. How do you handle change? We spoke with Pat Smith, host of the show Treasure You and wife of Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys, about some of the changes she has… Read More