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Make Church Work For You

In our face-paced, high-tech, 24/7 world, is it important to make time in our schedules to go to church? How does going to church, and more importantly, being connected, involved, and serving, benefit us and our families? How does our presence and involvement benefit the church, too? These… Read More

Image Isn’t Everything

If you want an interesting cultural study, look at what "going to church" looked like throughout the decades. When our grandparents went to church, it was usually a very somber occasion filled with hats, dresses, and suits and ties. Our parents' Sunday mornings might not have looked as… Read More

Don’t Be a Statistic

As a teenager, I loved going to church. And why wouldn’t I? I loved singing worship songs, and my friends were there (enough said!). It was easy to show up on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, and I was always first in line to sign up for retreats… Read More

A Woman’s Place in Church

I attend a good church. It’s a place where I feel spiritually fed and uplifted every Sunday, one where I’ve built relationships with other believers and plugged into a great Sunday school class. Its members have supported and loved my family through some devastating health issues this past… Read More