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Leave a Legacy of Influence

When determining the path for our lives, it is often difficult to take one straight and easy path to our ultimate career dream. Life has a funny, yet predictable, habit of throwing bends and detours into the road. One key skill which will almost always assist us… Read More

Elf OR Tumbledown Shack?

Wife: What are you wearing to your boss’s party this weekend? Hubby: My black suit. Wife: Has it been cleaned since the last time you wore it? Hubby: Silence. Wife: What did you get him for his retirement? Hubby: Just a stare in return tells me I’ll be… Read More

When Parenting Gets Tough, PRESS IN!

Today we are speaking with Christian Tucker about the parent-child relationship, and specifically the teenage years. Christian shares his experiences with us, both as a youth pastor and from his own teenage years. ----- Christian: Before we get started, I want to introduce myself. I am Christian Tucker,… Read More

Relax, Refresh, and Refocus with Friday Faves

Welcome again to Friday! Check out our favorite articles, video and pin from the week as you prepare for a relaxing summer weekend. Take Notice TIME TO QUIT: Sallie Krawcheck writes on LinkedIn about the five warning signs that your job must have lost its lustre, and it may… Read More

The Importance of So-Called "Soft" Skills

Crysta Pikes and her mother, Fritzi, have been a team since she was a girl. Now that she’s grown up, they’re still a team at Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF), where Fritzi works as President and CEO and Crysta now works as Manager of Marketing and Communications. Read along… Read More