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Think of Conflict Like Tax Season

July, you have been a very full month! We knew the topic of conflict and confrontation would need many voices to speak about it, so we were so honored to feature three unique perspectives on conflict in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. 4word: Colorado… Read More

How to Diffuse Conflict at Work

We asked Patty Ross, 4word Board member with a 34-year career leading teams at Nike, to share her advice for not just dealing with conflict in the workplace but being a positive source of Christ's love to those with whom you work. ------ Do we… Read More

Why Relationships Are Prone to Conflict

Conflict is never a fun experience, but it becomes just a little more hostile when it involves those with whom you are close. Donna Carlson, 4word: Colorado Springs leader and 360º Life Strategies coach, has advice she’s gleaned personally for handling conflict in your relationships… Read More

Faith in the Face of Conflict

In today's world, you cannot go a day without reading about, watching, or being personally impacted by a conflict. Our world is pulsing with anger, confusion, and wondering what to do next. There isn't a single class or race that is exempt from this constantly brewing season… Read More

Be the Bigger (Wo)Man

This woman just doesn’t like me. She laughs with other co-workers, but when I join the conversation, she instantly freezes. She shoots down my ideas in meetings and goes out of her way to avoid making eye contact. What in the world? I have no idea what’s wrong,… Read More