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The Gift of Unity

The holiday season is a time of celebration, joy, traditions, and family. However, these traditions and memories can also trigger feelings of grief over a loss or frustration over family dynamics. I feel very fortunate to have a family that looks forward to gathering together… Read More

El Regalo de la Unidad

Le temporada navideña es un tiempo de celebración, gozo, tradiciones, y familia. Sin embargo, estas tradiciones y memorias pueden traer sentimientos de dolor sobre la perdida de alguien o las frustraciones de la dinámica familiar. Me siento muy afortunada en tener una familia que espera… Read More

Enjoyment: The Ultimate Source

Over the past three weeks, we've written about enjoyment: what brings you joy, how to live in the moment, and wondering if enjoyment is "easier said than done." Were you able to make time for joy this month, to take in the words written on the 4word blogs… Read More

Enjoyment: Easier Said Than Done?

This month, we’ve talked about enjoyment and how we can add a little more enjoyment to our daily lives in the midst of hectic schedules and the demands of work and family. But is making enjoyment a priority easier said than done? Here are three tips I’ve discovered… Read More

Enjoyment: Live in the Moment

When was the last time you slowed down and really enjoyed something? For many women, this is a luxury we feel we said goodbye to back in our school years! So how do we invite that joyfulness back into our lives in the midst of everything else we’re… Read More

When My Church Community Let Me Down

"Community" is a buzzword we hear everywhere we turn. In the media today, we see examples of both good community and bad: the racial unrest plaguing America and much of the world on one side, and countries rallying behind their Olympic teams on the other. Every individual experiences many… Read More

Define Your Dash

We learned last week how Christa Steele rose to such professional acclaim at a young age. Now we learn how this meteoric rise affected her work/life balance to the detriment of her family. ------ 4word: As your professional journey rocketed forward, did your personal life and relationships… Read More

4word Team Gives Thanks

  As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow with family and friends, we wanted to take a moment to share with you some of our most cherished Thanksgiving memories. We hope you enjoy!  ------  Diane Paddison, 4word founder: When I was growing up on the farm, each Thanksgiving… Read More

Confidence Now – Flexibility Later

Your hard work now could pay off with flexibility in the future. Life rarely follows a straight line. There will be times when we need to realign our priorities and make massive life adjustments. Tamara Scoville has spent her professional career pursuing balance between work and family. She… Read More

Once Upon a (Career) Dream

What is your dream career? As a child, what would you tell people you would be when you grew up? For many of us, those answers and what we are doing now don’t align. Maybe your interests changed, or maybe life just led you in a different direction.… Read More

Success OR Significance: Can't Have Both?

Pam Parish knew about living a quiet, successful life with her small but happy family. Then, she listened to God’s call to work for a church where Pam began to learn about living a life of significance. As God worked in her and her family’s hearts, they began… Read More

Life's Only As Crazy As You Make It

If juggling a demanding career, nurturing a family, managing a home and keeping a vibrant faith aren’t enough to fill each day, add the challenge of being married to an Olympic champion. We watched David Wise take home the gold medal in Men’s Freestyle Skiing during the Sochi Winter… Read More

Dear Dads: We're Awesome, Because You're Awesome

As we prepare for Father's Day this coming Sunday, I've asked a few members of the 4word team to share about some of the Dads in their lives. I love this opportunity to hear about the special men who help shape current and future 4word women.  I hope… Read More

Motherhood: Expect the Unexpected

Ladies, it’s time to shatter that perfect image you have of motherhood. If you’re already a mother, most likely that image has already been broken. How are you handling it? How will you handle it? Adapting to the challenges life brings might be one of the hardest tasks… Read More

Meet Our Moms!

Ashley. I feel blessed to be able to call my mom one of my best friends. Growing up she was always my biggest cheerleader, my dream pusher, and the best shoulder to cry  on. The older I get, the more I realize how blessed I am to have… Read More

One Woman’s Tale of “Having it All”

We are thrilled to introduce you to May Oh. Now the owner of her own law firm in Singapore, May formerly held the position of the first woman director of Mobile Oil. We couldn’t wait to hear how she has managed to balance her vibrant faith, with her… Read More

When Yes Means No

Work. Faith. Marriage. Kids. It’s the balancing act that many of us at 4word are constantly struggling to maintain. Or the act that we look forward to juggling someday in the future. Today, we are speaking to Rebecca Carrell, morning show host for the Dallas-Fort Worth station 90.9… Read More

Love and Forgiveness after You’ve Been Hurt

Are there people in your life that you are struggling to love? This week 4word contributor Stacy Repult shares the story of how she struggled to love her dementia-stricken father, even as she became his primary caretaker. Her deeply personal story is a great reminder that when our… Read More