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All the Single Ladies

To All the Single Ladies, Whether or not this title evokes a feeling of freedom and hopeful expectation, a twinge of sadness, or has you humming the tune to Beyoncé’s hit song, if you fall into the “single ladies” category, Valentine’s Day is the one time a year… Read More

Friendship & Sisterhood & Community, OH MY!

Finding and building community among family, friends, and co-workers is one of the most time-consuming yet eternally rewarding tasks one can undertake. The relationship between siblings can be one of the truest forms of the idea of community. We spoke with sisters April Swaine and Jana Ventura about… Read More

I Wanted a To-Do List, God Wanted Me.

There’s something so appealing about the idea of knowing and pursuing your calling, isn’t there? Maybe it’s just me who feels this way, but I doubt it! I think we all want to know that we’re on the right path. And that’s what a “calling” really implies, isn’t… Read More

Beauty in Diversity

What comes to mind when you hear the term “refugee”? If you’re like most people, you probably picture the poor and outcast of society. Today, we are speaking with Chelsey Howden, who has learned through experience that this is not usually the case. Chelsey shares with us her… Read More

Intimacy: There's an App for That

In our on-the-go society, meaningful relationships are hard to come by. Shallow relationships with our friends and “support” group tend to be the norm. One entrepreneur is out to change that. This week, we introduce you to Crystal Gornto, creator of HeartStories. -------------------- 4word: Why did you create… Read More

How to Build Real Community

Meet Kate Cavanaugh: National Business Development Officer for Stewart Information Services, mother of four and new wife of Chip Cavanaugh. She also just moved for the 27th (yes, you heard us correctly) time! Kate has led a working women’s Bible study for the past few years, and we… Read More

The Difference that Friendships Make

Emily (second from the left), with Diane (left) and the other SoCal 4word gals. We mention 4word local groups rather frequently here on the blog. They are a huge part of Diane’s vision for 4word, and today we’re bringing you a story to demonstrate why they are so… Read More

Leaving a Legacy

In Chicago last month, Diane met Stephanie Kaihoi, who founded Legacy Living Ministries. Stephanie’s organization is committed to training the next generation to love the Lord and crave His Word.  Through events – Mentoring With No Regrets and Finishing With No Regrets – they provide biblical and practical resources to… Read More

Can You Be Facebook Friends at Work?

Hello everyone.  My name is Amanda. I work for 4word’s digital media team, and I’m here to inform you that we’re interrupting our regularly scheduled programming this week to feature an interview with our interviewer. If that’s confusing, I’ll explain further. We’ve been talking about social media for… Read More

Top 10 Interviews of 2012

Welcome to 2013! The new year is officially here, but before we forge ahead with another series of interviews with inspiring women, we wanted to pause and call your attention to some that you might have missed in the past year. What follows is a list of our… Read More

Comparison: the Thief of Joy AND of Community

Today we’ll introduce you to Emily Rudolph. She’s been married to Travis for three years. Although working at a church wasn’t her plan, God led her to a position as Women’s Equipping Director at Watermark Church in Dallas, where she uses the gifts He has given her to… Read More

Wrestling with Infertility, Part 2

Good afternoon, everyone. We’re back with part two of our first interview with Sandra Crawford Williamson. If you haven’t yet, we recommend that you read part one. Otherwise, read on! -------------------- 4word: What kind of support system did you have going through this? Sandra: That's an interesting question… Read More

What a Difference Community Makes

Today, we’re introducing you to Mandy Castro (Jason Castro's wife). Mandy has a degree from OU inCommunication Sciences and Disorders (Speech Pathology) and a daughter named Madeline (pictured above).Mandy shared part of her story with us and told us how instrumental her disciplers and faith community have been… Read More