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The Top 10 4word Blogs of 2018

Every week, we love bringing you stories and blogs about topics and issues facing 4word everywhere. Before we say goodbye to 2018, we wanted to recognize the top 10 blogs you, our audience, loved! We can't exactly play favorites (would you play favorites with your children?!),… Read More

How to Keep the Christmas Joy All Year

Merry Christmas week! We hope you are spending the next few days surrounded by loved ones and celebrating the birth of our Savior. This ultimate gift given to mankind is a beautiful example of unbounded love and exactly the reason we've wanted you to embrace… Read More

Give Back to Yourself

How many of you go online to look through reviews before purchasing a product? You want to make sure you’re investing your money in something that will actually solve your problem or bring you enjoyment! Thanks to the honest feedback of others, you may be able to… Read More

Giving Back is More Than a Check Mark

When you think of the phrase “giving back,” what pops into your mind? Volunteering? Making a donation? Dr. Stephanie L. Derrick, CEO of Cloister and an author and historian, offers a slightly different perspective on the idea of giving back this holiday season (and… Read More

Be Secure in Your Worth

This week, 4word is celebrating Giving Day, a chance for our community to join together and contribute to the mission of 4word as we reach more women in the workplace. (Click here to join me and contribute between now and September 14th!)  I am humbled daily… Read More


After a day of giving thanks around the table with friends and family, likely followed by a couple days of shopping frenzy and obsessive list making, we have a designated day to celebrate generosity and to give. Here are some ideas about how you can join this global… Read More