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Ditch Mommy Guilt and Take Store Bought Cupcakes

Do you remember that Time magazine article that focused on a style of parenting called “attachment parenting?" The article asked the question "Are you mom enough?" which is a direct attack on us moms working outside of our homes. It puts us on the defensive and makes us question… Read More

A Legacy of Love… and Pumpkins

Been pumpkin picking lately? Fall might be my favorite time of year. Growing up, it was always a special time for my family and the family orchard. My parents always felt strongly that whatever blessings and resources came into their lives were meant to be lovingly shared with… Read More

Using Your Gifts for His Glory

As Diane mentioned on Monday, her friend Lopez Lomong runs in the 5000m qualifier for the London Olympics today. We hope you’ll be cheering on Lopez during the broadcast tonight. In the meantime, we snagged an interview with a mutual friend, Steve Haas, who worked with Lopez to… Read More