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It’s Time to End the Pretending

“Put on a happy face.” How many times did you hear that growing up? How often do you tell yourself that today? Sometimes, it’s OK to grin through what you’re really feeling, but then there are times when you need to stop faking it, to yourself and… Read More

Feel God’s Love

Last month, I was honored to share with you one of the short devotionals I share with my kids, Annie and Opie, each morning. At the beginning of January 2016, I resolved to summarize my morning Bible study and share them first with Annie, and then with Opie… Read More

All the Single Ladies

To All the Single Ladies, Whether or not this title evokes a feeling of freedom and hopeful expectation, a twinge of sadness, or has you humming the tune to Beyoncé’s hit song, if you fall into the “single ladies” category, Valentine’s Day is the one time a year… Read More

I Don’t Understand, God

I wanted today's blog to be a little different. As many of you know, my daughter, Annie, has been suffering a debilitating battle. This has been one of the hardest, darkest times for my family. In the midst of all the pain and appointments and struggles to see… Read More

My Life’s a Mess, and That’s OK

All my perfectionists out there, raise your meticulously cared for and sanitized hands. "Mess" and I have never gotten along. I legitimately got in trouble in Pre-K because I didn't want to finger paint. Way too messy. I mean, who really wants their hands covered in paint… Read More

When It’s All Too Much, Find Rest

None of us are immune to health challenges, whether they are personal or affect someone close to us. A major health crisis can threaten to throw the balance off in every area of our life, consuming our time, energy, and faith for a season or longer. Is it possible to… Read More

Become a Safe Haven

While life can (and should) be something you enjoy and look forward to every day, there will be times in your life when everything seems to be going against you. Whether in your personal life, at your workplace, or even spiritually, there may come a day when you… Read More

Even Grown-Up Girls Need Their Dads

Fathers and daughters. This is a unique relationship with powerful implications. Dr. Michelle Watson of The Abba Project is helping us understand exactly what this means. Michelle created The Abba Project with a desire to strengthen and improve father-daughter relationships across the country. ------ 4word: Why is the… Read More

Love and Forgiveness after You’ve Been Hurt

Are there people in your life that you are struggling to love? This week 4word contributor Stacy Repult shares the story of how she struggled to love her dementia-stricken father, even as she became his primary caretaker. Her deeply personal story is a great reminder that when our… Read More

When You Don't Fit the Traditional Mold

Former professor, mother of two, consultant and church elder, Andrea Trice has worn several hats in her lifetime. She also co-authored a book on work-life balance, which is what we chose to interview her about today. -------------------- 4word: Looking back over your career, was there a… Read More