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Growing Into Gratitude

When life is going our way, it’s so easy to find things to be thankful for. (Even though we aren’t always quick to offer up that thanks.) So what about when life comes to a hard stop or takes a drastic turn? Sharon Purcell talks with us… Read More

Lyme Disease Taught Me to Give Myself Grace

Stephanie Thompson-Buttice was a go-getter, driven, fiercely independent woman. Then she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and her life was drastically reworked. Read how she’s had to re-prioritize her day-to-day life, and why she believes we all need to give ourselves some grace. ------ 4word: When… Read More

My Life’s a Mess, and That’s OK

All my perfectionists out there, raise your meticulously cared for and sanitized hands. "Mess" and I have never gotten along. I legitimately got in trouble in Pre-K because I didn't want to finger paint. Way too messy. I mean, who really wants their hands covered in paint… Read More

When It’s All Too Much, Find Rest

None of us are immune to health challenges, whether they are personal or affect someone close to us. A major health crisis can threaten to throw the balance off in every area of our life, consuming our time, energy, and faith for a season or longer. Is it possible to… Read More