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Career, Kids, Then Another Career

There are many stages of parenting: infant years, toddler years, and school-age years. Then, your children are leaving the nest, and you’re left wondering, “What’s next?” When Rhonda Kehlbeck, Director for Global Engagement with the Halftime Institute, found herself with an empty nest, she began the journey… Read More

Success OR Significance: Can't Have Both?

Pam Parish knew about living a quiet, successful life with her small but happy family. Then, she listened to God’s call to work for a church where Pam began to learn about living a life of significance. As God worked in her and her family’s hearts, they began… Read More

Uncover Art in All You Do

When you think of art, what comes to mind? Paintings and sculptures? Music? Author Emily Freeman is challenging you to look beyond that. In her book A Million Little Ways, Emily presents readers with the idea that their life is art. We had some questions about this, which… Read More

How to Mind Your Own (Family) Business

Working wives and moms have enough on their plates. As all of us can attest to, balancing family, faith, and our careers is hard work that takes constant effort. What happens when you blend family and career together? We asked that question to Christin McClave, founder of Unifi… Read More

Motherhood: Expect the Unexpected

Ladies, it’s time to shatter that perfect image you have of motherhood. If you’re already a mother, most likely that image has already been broken. How are you handling it? How will you handle it? Adapting to the challenges life brings might be one of the hardest tasks… Read More

Know Your Calling. Live with Purpose.

What’s the meaning of life? This age old questions has haunted mankind since, well, the beginning of life. As believers, we know the answer to that question can only be found in the One who created us. This week, we are speaking with Brian Burchik, pastor and author… Read More

How to Prosper in Times of Change

Change in life is unavoidable. At some point, we all find ourselves standing at a crossroads. How do you handle change? We spoke with Pat Smith, host of the show Treasure You and wife of Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys, about some of the changes she has… Read More