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Friday Favorites

A happy belated International Women’s Day to all of you ladies! If you missed the holiday yesterday, don’t worry. We’re giving you permission to celebrate it one day late. After all, March is actually Women’s History Month. The Funny Video of the Week [youtube][/youtube] “The Wife Song,” by… Read More

Love In a Time of Deadlines.

What happens to relationships when work must take center stage? When you’re juggling work, relationships, and faith, balance is always the goal, but there will be times when one area of your life has to take precedence for a time.  When a major work deadline requires investment of… Read More

Interview: Stacy Repult

We’re closing out our mini series with an interview with Stacy Repult. The topic? Well what else could it be but Valentine’s Day? Enjoy! And we’ll pose the same question to you that we do to Stacy, below: share your funny/crazy/cute Valentine’s Day/date stories with us in the… Read More

Single… without the Gift of Singleness

Now in my mid 40s, I’ve been single longer than I ever expected. And I do not by any means have the “gift of singleness” that so many have politely attributed to me. Hearing that always cracks me up and makes me wonder where I can return that… Read More

Interview: Dinah Nicholson

Ladies, meet Dinah Nicholson. Those of you wondering if it’s possible to raise children while you and your husband are working full time will want to pay close attention to this interview. Dinah and Steve raised three children together while they both had full time jobs. Last week,… Read More

Friday Favorites

Welcome back, ladies. This week on the blog, we’ve been talking about love and marriage. They go together like a horse and ca-… okay, we won’t sing the whole song to you. But, on that subject, here are some of our favorite, related posts from this week. Around… Read More

Interview: Pippa Hill

This week, we’re introducing you to Pippa Hill, a 4word woman who hails from London, where she works as a solicitor. We chatted with Pippa (via email) about how she is learning to balance her time between her faith, her husband, Glyn, and friends and her career. Here’s… Read More

Love and Fairytales

What can marriage do for YOU? It seems like a funny question when phrased this way, but it’s exactly the way that most of us have been trained to think about marriage (and spouses).  Too often our marriage daydreams go something like this: Once upon a time there… Read More

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! You know what that means… another round up of our favorite work-themed blog posts this week. The Working Mom’s Devotional A great new series by Susan DiMickele, who as some of you may remember, helped us with our online book club. Each week, Susan will… Read More