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Connecting Women Back to Church

For over five years, 4word has been an advocate for women in the workplace. Many of the women we impact, however, are continuing to feel disconnected from their churches and aren't sure how to remedy their situation. Enter 4word's new Church Connect program! Caitie Butler, Church Connect Program Manager,… Read More

Were Men and Women Created Equal?

Donna R. Patrick, speaker, author, and worship leader, talks with us today about why we might have issues getting involved in church, and why men and women are not equal in the church. ------ 4word: Was being a church leader something you’ve always been passionate about? Donna: I… Read More

Interview: Stacy Repult

We’re closing out our mini series with an interview with Stacy Repult. The topic? Well what else could it be but Valentine’s Day? Enjoy! And we’ll pose the same question to you that we do to Stacy, below: share your funny/crazy/cute Valentine’s Day/date stories with us in the… Read More