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Female Jerry Maguire Reinvents her Career

Moving from one job to another is always a little nerve wracking. Changing from one industry to another...that’s another ballgame entirely. We talked with Molly Fletcher again to learn about her experience transitioning careers and why she did it. ------ 4word: You left a highly successful and lucrative… Read More

Family First

Working parents almost always do battle with guilt over how to integrate family and career in their busy lives. Balancing time between work and home isn’t easy for anyone! Molly Fletcher, CEO, keynote speaker, and author, shares how she and her husband put family first, even in the… Read More

Trust in the Workplace

Trust. Being a team player. It’s what every workplace needs to thrive and excel in the industry, but the truth is that it’s not so easy to come by. Politics, office drama, and selfishness tend to interfere with our best intentions and goals. Today, we are speaking to… Read More