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Use Technology to Get Organized

Organization.  Deadline.  Timeline.  Did any or all of those words just send a shiver down your spine? As a professional, those words should be part of our everyday vocabulary, and yet, they are usually curse words mocking us everywhere we turn. Today's work environment is rife with distractions,… Read More

Making a Difference With Monkeys

Some of the most well known and successful companies and organizations started because one person was brave enough to take their dream and make it into a tangible reality. We spoke with Nubia Echevarria, founder of The Monkey Project, to learn how she hopes these cute critters will… Read More

A Well-Designed Day: Living with Intention

Ever wanted to lead a more organized life that left you feeling more accomplished, too? Entrepreneur Whitney English shares her advice for doing just that! ------ 4word: Share with us how you started your company. Why did you want to start it? Whitney: The idea for Day Designer came… Read More

Stacks & Stacks of Stuff

What if Jesus returns and sees my house like this? I admit it. I’m a stacker. I’m a stuffer. There are towers of Rubbermaid plastic bins in my garage, my attic, and even a few in other spots. My desk has stacks of papers. And my drawers? Let’s… Read More