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War Against Your Family

Raising children in this present world can be a daunting task. As parents, you watch your children become exposed to and combat issues, situations, and temptations that you never would have seen when you were their age. How can you guide your family steadfastly through the muck and… Read More

Unmistakable Bond

The bond between fathers and daughters is unmistakable. Dads want to protect their princesses from the world, and daughters grow up hoping to find a life partner that will emulate their father’s best qualities. So just how important is the “first man” in a woman’s life? We spoke… Read More

Avoid “Super Woman Syndrome”

Finding just the right balance between work and life is something with which any professional struggles. Professional women typically have even more unbalance thrown into their mix when life involves children. Fabi Howard has worked as a professional coach for years and has watched every stage of raising… Read More