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Careers STEM from Early Interest

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers are a rapidly growing sector of the professional world, yet many positions go unfilled by qualified professional women. Sheryl Sleeva, an executive leader and STEM champion, is working to change that. ------ 4word: What has your career path looked like up… Read More

Single? Embrace it!

Singleness. It's a topic that everyone seems to have an opinion on, especially during the month of February. "Why aren't you seeing anyone?" "That biological clock is ticking!" "The 'right one' is out there! You just have to keep looking." While it's true that a significant other becomes part… Read More

No Supermoms Required

It’s back to school time again. That time of year packed with parent orientations, meet the teacher nights, supply shopping, clothing shopping, shoe shopping, and my favorite this year…..magnetic locker decorations. WHAT? And form, after form, after form to be filled out. And then we realize halfway through… Read More

Why No Second Dates?

Picture this scene, and maybe it's one that is familiar to you. A woman is getting ready to go on a date. It’s a first date. She is an extremely capable businesswoman. She is strong. She is assertive. AND like some women, she is nervous and a little… Read More

Put Your Busy-ness in THIS Can

Professional women can often confuse themselves for professional jugglers. With the amount of responsibilities, activities, and events crammed into our schedules, we rarely find time to think about ourselves and what we’re wearing. Rosie Vann-Dalton and Sande Brandt want to help change that time-crunch issue for women in… Read More

Single But Not Alone

Not having a "special someone" may not be your choice, especially around Valentine's Day. So how can you deal with it? We spoke with Jennifer Howell Spaulding, a 4word woman who lived with a deep unmet desire for a life partner for many years. Jennifer's story is one… Read More

Once in a Lifetime Mentor: Norma, 89

I’ve been blessed by many mentors in my life, but Norma Coldwell might be the most precious to me. I met Norma about five years ago through her son Cameron, who is part of my bible study class at church. Cameron has Multiple Sclerosis, and in 2009,… Read More

How to Build a Highly Happy Marriage

If having a highly happy marriage is the goal, then that means a “good” or “happy” marriage isn’t enough. So how do you get there? What’s the secret? Today, we’re speaking with author and researcher Shaunti Feldhahn about her new book, “The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages.” The results of… Read More

When God Says "Not Yet"

Unmet desires can be heartbreaking. So how do you handle it? Today, we are speaking to Jennifer Howell, who lived with a deep unmet desire for a life partner for many years. Jennifer’s story is one of faith and courage. We hope that you will not only be… Read More