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Think of Conflict Like Tax Season

July, you have been a very full month! We knew the topic of conflict and confrontation would need many voices to speak about it, so we were so honored to feature three unique perspectives on conflict in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. 4word: Colorado… Read More

Why Relationships Are Prone to Conflict

Conflict is never a fun experience, but it becomes just a little more hostile when it involves those with whom you are close. Donna Carlson, 4word: Colorado Springs leader and 360º Life Strategies coach, has advice she’s gleaned personally for handling conflict in your relationships… Read More

No Simplicity? No Intimacy.

As Christian women in the workplace, we all desire to be closer to God and grow our relationship with Him. But the relentless demands of work and family can drain not just our physical and mental energy but our spiritual energy, too. It’s not a matter of… Read More

The Relationship You’ve Been Waiting For

We blinked and February is done! It's been so refreshing to see the response to this month's discussion on relationships. As we shared back at the beginning of this month, relationships are something to think of beyond the constraints of romantic love and Valentine's Day. Our lives… Read More

Why Love Takes Work

Every February, we’re inundated with messages about love, and the focus is almost always on romance. While loving and serving our significant other is important, God has blessed each of us with many different types of relationships and calls us to love others as He has loved us.… Read More

I Never Wanted To Be Divorced

When it comes to “relationships,” women tend to throw more of their time, energy, and even money into the ring to keep things “just right.” Chances are, you are one of these women, and chances are, all of your efforts are going to waste. Catherine Gates, Director of… Read More

Is This Why Relationships Fail?

If you had three seconds to state your most important relationship, what would you come up with? If you're married, it would likely be your spouse. Single? Maybe your best friend, sibling, or even parent. No matter which life stage you're in, "relationship" is an evident… Read More

Enjoyment: The Ultimate Source

Over the past three weeks, we've written about enjoyment: what brings you joy, how to live in the moment, and wondering if enjoyment is "easier said than done." Were you able to make time for joy this month, to take in the words written on the 4word blogs… Read More

Enjoyment: Easier Said Than Done?

This month, we’ve talked about enjoyment and how we can add a little more enjoyment to our daily lives in the midst of hectic schedules and the demands of work and family. But is making enjoyment a priority easier said than done? Here are three tips I’ve discovered… Read More

All the Single Ladies

To All the Single Ladies, Whether or not this title evokes a feeling of freedom and hopeful expectation, a twinge of sadness, or has you humming the tune to Beyoncé’s hit song, if you fall into the “single ladies” category, Valentine’s Day is the one time a year… Read More

No Flirting at the Water Cooler

What’s the big deal about flirting at work? When men and women working together in close quarters day in and day out, we expect some flirting to happen, and many people consider it “harmless.” Others openly advocate in favor of flirting to get what you want. But flirting… Read More

Quagmire of Office Dating

Should you date someone at the office? Maybe! We've seen some fabulous relationships develop.....AND we've seen it go horribly wrong and crumble into a hot mess. It depends on several things. If you are a bright, career-minded woman with a job you love at a solid company,… Read More

Eating Lunch Alone at Your Desk

Who in your workplace do you consider to be a friend? When we say "friend," we don't mean someone who works on your floor that you see every morning for a few minutes before the craziness of your day starts. We're also not talking about the team member… Read More

Let’s Take the Time to Get Down & Dirty!

What is keeping you from building deep friendships? One of the key pillars of 4word is building connections between women. Authentic, supportive relationships with people who “get you” and can speak into your life in myriad ways. In fact I devoted an entire section of Work, Love, Pray to… Read More

Are You a Yucky Friend?

When is the last time you spoke with your friends? It can often be difficult for working women to make time for friendships, especially if you’re married or in a serious dating relationship. And if you add kids to the mix, friendships can become even harder.  The truth… Read More

How to Mind Your Own (Family) Business

Working wives and moms have enough on their plates. As all of us can attest to, balancing family, faith, and our careers is hard work that takes constant effort. What happens when you blend family and career together? We asked that question to Christin McClave, founder of Unifi… Read More

Meet Our Moms!

Ashley. I feel blessed to be able to call my mom one of my best friends. Growing up she was always my biggest cheerleader, my dream pusher, and the best shoulder to cry  on. The older I get, the more I realize how blessed I am to have… Read More

Dating, Sex and Jesus

Does God really expect you to save sex for marriage? This week regular guest writer Stacy Repult opens up about her experience with Christian dating and the “S-word.” I so appreciate her openness and candor as she tackles this touchy subject. I hope you find her story encouraging.… Read More