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How to Tune Out the Noise at Work

Before we end our discussion on simplicity this month, we wanted to share with you the article Diane Paddison wrote on LinkedIn for April. She talks about how to simplify life at work and keep your time outside of work protected. Check LinkedIn each month for more original… Read More

God Doesn’t Want You to Be Perfect

This past month's discussion on simplicity has been one of the most eye-opening and convicting yet. Would you agree? Many of us think we've toned down our lives and trimmed the fat of overcommitment, but in reality, we're still driving ourselves to exhaustion and attempting to… Read More

No Simplicity? No Intimacy.

As Christian women in the workplace, we all desire to be closer to God and grow our relationship with Him. But the relentless demands of work and family can drain not just our physical and mental energy but our spiritual energy, too. It’s not a matter of… Read More

Comparison: The Enemy of Simplicity

So how do you know you need to simplify your life? For Susan Tolles, Director of Local Groups for 4word, it took decades of over-achieving and overworking herself and her family in pursuit of perfection before she realized she needed to make a change … or… Read More

Does Being The Busiest Pay Off?

It's 8:00AM. You're either stepping out of your car, at the office, or you're still on your way. You've already been to the gym or gone through the drop-off line at your children's school. You had maybe two seconds to chug your coffee earlier that morning… Read More