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Life-Giving Rest

Over the past month, we've leaned into the idea of rest: encouragement to stop pushing ourselves, pulling busyness off of the pedestal on which we've placed it, identifying with Jesus' restful philosophy, and incorporating new rest practices into our lives each day. Like the concepts of "enjoyment" and… Read More

Want to Live Like Jesus? Rest.

I recently read an article titled, “Turns Out Money Can Buy Happiness.” The title caught my eye, and I wasn’t surprised by what the article said: people who spend money on time savers like hiring a housecleaner or taking a tollway were less stressed and happier than… Read More

Stop Glorifying Busyness

Kaila Jurado, CPA at KPMG and co-founder of BECOME Network, was living the fast-paced life of a young professional: she kept focused, checked off boxes, and was driven, but felt exhausted by the end of every day. She realized she left something vital off of her schedule: REST.… Read More

Stop Pushing and Start Resting

Rest. That word either brings a smile to your face or a tear to your eye. Remember when you were little and absolutely hated the word "nap?" How much would you pay now to get the chance to reinstate those mid-day snooze sessions? We'd definitely be willing… Read More

10 Tips for Finding Rest

Rest. Something that sounds great but is often elusive. As we discuss rest this month and how to embrace it, we wanted to give you our 10 Tips for Finding Rest. We’ll be sharing new tips with you throughout August, so check back each week! Check… Read More