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More & More Millennials

This week, we thought we would take a look at this intriguing generation on which everyone is focusing. THE MILLENNIALS! More and more of them are entering the workfoce, our companies, our homes (because our kiddos are growing up), and our consumer target. I often hear people speak… Read More

Social Media: The Latest Disorder Plaguing Girls (of all ages)

Morgan Eseke is a business marketing professional (and 4word woman!) here in Dallas. She has a passion for mentoring younger women, and in 2009 she launched a multigenerational discipleship ministry in Norman, Ok called CoffeeTalk. Most recently, she launched a blog with the purpose of inspiring women of all… Read More

Intimacy: There's an App for That

In our on-the-go society, meaningful relationships are hard to come by. Shallow relationships with our friends and “support” group tend to be the norm. One entrepreneur is out to change that. This week, we introduce you to Crystal Gornto, creator of HeartStories. -------------------- 4word: Why did you create… Read More

Can You Be Facebook Friends at Work?

Hello everyone.  My name is Amanda. I work for 4word’s digital media team, and I’m here to inform you that we’re interrupting our regularly scheduled programming this week to feature an interview with our interviewer. If that’s confusing, I’ll explain further. We’ve been talking about social media for… Read More

Learning to Work with New Technology

On Monday, Diane blogged about the need for more “seasoned” businesswomen to learn how to adopt new technologies for business purposes. Today, we’re introducing you to a woman who fills that need for her fellow staff members at Campus Crusade for Christ: Sus Schmitt. Sus serves as a Technology… Read More

Mentoring Can Be a Two-Way Street

Can you believe how quickly our technology gets labeled obsolete? I just replaced the Blackberry I got in 2010 when I joined Cassidy Turley with a new one last week. To me, a three-year hold was no big deal, but everyone else thought I was crazy not to… Read More

Navigating Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace

In today’s interview, meet Lisbeth McNabb, a 4word board member sharing expertise around digital communications and social media. In October 2007, after a successful 20+ year career at companies like, PepsiCo Frito-Lay and American Airlines, Lisbeth decided to launch For professional women seeking a path to… Read More