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Equality, Efficiency & Easter

Hop On Over to The 4word Store To Fill Up This Year's Easter Baskets!  Helping out the Easter bunny this year? The 4word Store has Easter basket goodies for the whole family! Choose a one-of-a-kind treasure from our Purchase with a Purpose partners like Akola Project, Nomi… Read More

Are You The Office “Mean Girl?”

Any classic romantic dramedy movie involving women in a workplace always features two prominent character types: the no-nonsense boss who has stopped at nothing to get to where she is and the optimistic new employee who wants to take a successful first stride down her just-beginning career path. It has always pained… Read More

Some Practical Thoughts on Professional Success.

Want to distinguish yourself at work? Good! Just because “work” isn’t the very highest priority of us Christian professionals doesn’t mean that we aren’t called to do it well.  God calls us to excellence in all things, including our professional lives:  whatever you do, work at it with… Read More