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Summer Like a Kid Again

Summer is supposed to be a “carefree” time, but for most working moms, there’s nothing carefree about the crunch of kid activities, organizing childcare, vacation planning, and—before you know it—getting ready for school to start again. This is the reality of “mom summer," but "mom summer" doesn't… Read More

My Big Fat Family Vacation

I am the oldest of seven kids. Yep, seven. Growing up, I caught on fairly quickly that our family was different from most of my friends' families. Spaghetti was a dinner we rarely (if ever) ate, due to the amount of little hands just waiting to paint the… Read More

How to Recover From “Butijust” Syndrome

Knock, knock. “Mom?” Hand goes up. “I’m working.” “But I just wanted to see if it’s OK for the neighbors to come over and swim.” Knock, knock. “Mom?” Hand goes up. “I’m working.” “But I just need you to transfer some money into my account for…” Knock, knock. “Mom?" Hand… Read More