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All the Single Ladies

To All the Single Ladies, Whether or not this title evokes a feeling of freedom and hopeful expectation, a twinge of sadness, or has you humming the tune to Beyoncé’s hit song, if you fall into the “single ladies” category, Valentine’s Day is the one time a year… Read More

Behavior, Boobs & Breakfast: Fri Faves!

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Better to Want What You Haven’t Got How often do we want something that we don’t have? 4word COO Sandra Crawford Williamson opens up about the danger of self-sufficiency. Wednesday Interview Single But Not Alone This week we… Read More

Better to Want What You Haven’t Got

As women in the workplace, we are very accomplished and love accomplishing our goals. We are often assertive fixers who go after what we want and make it happen. This trait is a positive one in our work environment, and often in life, as well. But sometimes, we… Read More

Obamacare, Shirley Temple, Avoiding Office Drama, Depression is Biblical

Happy Valentine’s Day, 4word women! Check out our favorites from the week before checking out for the weekend. Take Notice OBAMACARE ATTACKS: Tim Phillips with USA Today discusses how the Affordable Care Act will affect 2.5 million Americans and their professional ambitions. SHIRLEY TEMPLE: Aljean Harmetz with The… Read More

6 Steps to Loving Again

On Friday we will celebrate Valentine’s Day- a day focused on love. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotional and romantic side that the holiday often gravitates towards, however, that doesn’t have to be the focus of Valentine’s Day. Today we are speaking to Laurie Biddle… Read More

LinkedIn Secrets, Competitive Advantage, We Can’t All Be Beautiful

Happy February, 4word women! Check out this week’s favorites as you head into your weekend! Take Notice LINKEDIN REVAMP: Cat Knarr with Faith Driven Business shares on Huffington Post eight “secrets” that you can use to give your LinkedIn profile a stunning facelift. QUILTING QUEEN: Jim Carlton with… Read More

Single on Valentines?

Diane wrote Monday abouttrusting God's timing when it comes to loveand mentioned Joy Eggerichs, our favorite relationship blogger. We know many of you (and some of our staff!) are anticipating a single Valentine's Day tomorrow. We've asked Joy (also single!) to kick off the day. Joy's gifted us… Read More

Love That’s Worth the Wait

Want to marry the right guy? Feeling like you’re behind schedule? We are working Christian women. Women of action! As such, we like plans, goals, and tasks to complete. That’s why it can be hard to really trust in God’s timing when it comes to love. God doesn’t… Read More

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been focusing on singleness this week, in honor of Valentine’s Day. But now that that holiday has passed, we have a piece of exciting news we’ve been dying to share with you. Bonnie Wurzbacher joins 4word advisory board That’s right.… Read More

Interview: Stacy Repult

We’re closing out our mini series with an interview with Stacy Repult. The topic? Well what else could it be but Valentine’s Day? Enjoy! And we’ll pose the same question to you that we do to Stacy, below: share your funny/crazy/cute Valentine’s Day/date stories with us in the… Read More

Single… without the Gift of Singleness

Now in my mid 40s, I’ve been single longer than I ever expected. And I do not by any means have the “gift of singleness” that so many have politely attributed to me. Hearing that always cracks me up and makes me wonder where I can return that… Read More

Wanting the Love of a Man

I think one of the hardest challenges of being single is the gnawing desire to just be loved by a man -- this feeling that we are just outright missing out on amazing love that could be ours if only we had this wonderful man to love us… Read More

Friday Favorites

Hello and welcome to Friday, ladies! We’ve got another great set of blogs to recommend for you today, so we’ll get right to it. But first… The Funny Video of the Week By now you’ve probably heard of Schmoyoho and their Auto Tune the News series. This one… Read More

Hijacking Valentine’s Day

So, how do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Or maybe I should say, “The Valentines season.” This time of year has a way of driving people to extremes.  You rarely find anyone who says they’re ambivalent about Valentine's day.  And you certainly can’t ignore it!  The store shelves… Read More