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Redemption After Divorce

Once upon a time, the fairy-tale version of my life was looking pretty good. By age 35, I had been married for over a decade, to a man who checked all the “right” boxes. I had a great education, a job I enjoyed, a church home, and… Read More

Feeling Isolated in the Workplace

Do you have any friends at work? I’ve noticed that, even though more women are in the workplace now than ever before, many of us still eat our lunches alone. The guys have their little clubs that hold “official” meetings during their lunch breaks, but we women still… Read More

The Power of a Good Female Friend

Ladies, meet Hala Saad. In addition to running her own marketing business, she is Executive Producer at Vision Communications, an Arabic television outreach. She lives in Dallas, where she met Diane at a Bible study. Hala talked with us about the impact the impact of her female friends… Read More