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It’s Time to Plan Summer!

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a vacation a dream vacation. For some, that might be a week-long cruise. For others, the dream is to pack up the family and criss-cross the country on an epic road trip. And for those of us with hectic schedules,… Read More

Going Back After Baby

In many Christian circles, there’s a quiet—or sometimes not-so-quiet—understanding that the best-case scenario for every family is to have a mom who stays home with her children. Those who uphold this viewpoint believe that a “good mom” should at the very least want to be a stay-at-home mom.… Read More

You CAN Step Away.

When you think about being away from your workplace for an extended period of time, what runs through your mind? Excitement at the thought of "getting away" for a while? Dread at the thought of how much "back up" you'd have to deal with upon your return to… Read More

No Supermoms Required

It’s back to school time again. That time of year packed with parent orientations, meet the teacher nights, supply shopping, clothing shopping, shoe shopping, and my favorite this year…..magnetic locker decorations. WHAT? And form, after form, after form to be filled out. And then we realize halfway through… Read More

Confidence Now – Flexibility Later

Your hard work now could pay off with flexibility in the future. Life rarely follows a straight line. There will be times when we need to realign our priorities and make massive life adjustments. Tamara Scoville has spent her professional career pursuing balance between work and family. She… Read More

Summer Space Invaders

Summer is here! The space invaders are taking over the house! For those of us working parents fortunate enough to work from home, our home offices become an oasis of sorts. It's our own personal bubble of productivity that allows us to work on par with colleagues at… Read More

WHAT? It’s Summer?

I’m lost in my thoughts.  I can see the perfect summer family vacation in my mind.  The kids are cheerfully building castles in the sand, my husband is pouring me a tall glass of lemonade, and I am nearly comatose in my chaise lounge, listening to the waves… Read More

The Plates DO Crash

As a workplace woman, I should be able to list "Professional Plate Spinner" on my resume. I think that working moms with children of any age will agree with me. And women who aren't parents, but are pouring their time and talent into volunteer activities or leadership in social, business,… Read More