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Don’t Be So Quick to Say No

  As a woman driven by demanding careers, Anita Phillips learned early on that in order to maintain a healthy work/life balance, she’d have to set some boundaries. She talks with us today about how to protect your time away from work. ------ 4word: What drew you to… Read More

Define Your Dash

We learned last week how Christa Steele rose to such professional acclaim at a young age. Now we learn how this meteoric rise affected her work/life balance to the detriment of her family. ------ 4word: As your professional journey rocketed forward, did your personal life and relationships… Read More

Family First

Working parents almost always do battle with guilt over how to integrate family and career in their busy lives. Balancing time between work and home isn’t easy for anyone! Molly Fletcher, CEO, keynote speaker, and author, shares how she and her husband put family first, even in the… Read More

5 Lessons After Job Loss

All professionals would agree that life in the office and life at home are two very different entities. So how do you balance the two without playing favorites? Debbie Eaton shares her personal journey of reevaluating how she delegated her time, starting with being unexpectedly let go from… Read More