Jennifer Jackson – Part 2

Welcome back to Driven 4word: Influential Leaders Powered By God’s Will. Join us each month as we share the life story of an influential leader who humbled themselves to God’s plan for their life and embarked on a journey that only He could orchestrate.

In the previous episode, we met Jennifer Jackson, an entrepreneur and distinguished leader in the legal technology industry. Though her professional life has been highly successful and rewarding, her spiritual walk didn’t come into its own until she was in her thirties.

As she grew in her faith and began to identify all the points in time that God had been right there beside her, Jennifer started to really see and value the impact that being an influence on others can have.

Jennifer Jackson has been a business and ministry leader for almost 30 years. She currently serves in an executive business leadership role, in multiple board roles, and as an ordained minister. 

She started her first company at the age of 23 and was named entrepreneur and lifestyle leader of the year by the Chamber of Commerce in the 90s for ecommerce business growth and helping other entrepreneurs learn to conduct ecommerce in these early days. She sold this business by age 30 and joined a Fortune 200 corporation in legal technology services to climb the ranks in leadership and lead award winning sales teams for the following 20+ years. During this time Jennifer spent her vacation days from work ministering in the US and in Africa with the focus of discipling nations by raising up kingdom leaders in Zambia, DRC Congo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Tanzania. 

Over the last 10 years, while still operating fulltime in executive leadership in the legal technology industry and in a global ministry, Jennifer began to grow in understanding that there is no separation between the sacred and secular and her two worlds of business and ministry continue to find synergy. Becoming active in the 4word community has created exponential increase to this understanding and growth in her life. Attending the 4word C-Level Forum has impacted Jennifer’s business and ministry connections and personal growth.