Lori Joe Brown – Part 1

Welcome back to Driven 4word: Influential Leaders Powered By God’s Will. Join us each month as we share the life story of an influential leader who humbled themselves to God’s plan for their life and embarked on a journey that only He could orchestrate.

This month’s influential leader story is that of Lori Joe Brown. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Lori grew up in a diverse community and as a pastor’s daughter, she was always at church and flourished in her time there. But then her parents divorced, right as Lori was about to enter her teenage years, and the shift in her family caused Lori to question everything. 

Listen to Lori below as she starts from the beginning and opens up about how God began working in her life.

Lori Joe Brown has been working in Corporate American since the tender age of 18, as the summer-intern to VP of tenders & exchanges department, of a Wall Street shareholder relations firm.

Currently Lori is a Senior Manager within the Global Field Enablement Team at American Express which serves as the Center of Excellence for a 4,000+ person sales organization, delivering high impact global strategies, content, competencies, and connections that accelerate sales productivity.  She has been with American Express for over 15 years in various roles developing her fellow colleagues in Human Resources and Leadership & Development.

Lori’s passion lies within developing and encouraging others in the workplace through her faith which she has been able to do as co-lead to the American Express Christian Colleague Network called SALT.  Through this Christian employee resource group, she provides leadership to a 1,200-member group of employees.  It has been an intricate part of the  American Express employee experience globally for the past 20+ years, while assisting other Fortune 500 companies start their own Christian networks.  

Lori’s non-profit work is just as important.  She sits on the board of 4word, a Professional Christian Women’s organization that helps women in the workplace reach their God-given potential with confidence through mentorship, forums, blogs, and conferences.  

Lastly, Lori is a certified John Maxwell Executive Coach, Trainer and Public Speaker. She holds a BA in Organizational Behavior & Change Management and a MS in Global Human Resources Management & Development both from New York University.  She currently resides in Richmond, VA with her husband Dwayne Brown.