Your Ministry is Where You Are Right Now – Diana Romero: Part 1

Welcome back to Driven 4word: Influential Leaders Powered By God’s Will. Join us each month as we share the life story of an influential leader who humbled themselves to God’s plan for their life and embarked on a journey that only He could orchestrate.

The influential leader we will learn from this month is Diana Romero. And we will also be shaking things up a bit. We acknowledge that hearing the stories of aspirational and influential women is truly inspiring, but we also want to make sure that you, our listener, is coming away from our podcast having learned something or been inspired to take a next step on your personal journey. 

For the rest of this year, we will still be talking to these amazing women but I will be having them talk us through their greatest successes AND their greatest setbacks in their life, with the goal to give you hope and motivation to keep pushing on in your career and your life.    

Listen below as Diana shares what she considers to be successes in her life.

Diana is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Purpose Management (IPM) LLC, a family owned and operated company. IPM enables you to realize your integrated purpose by providing business management expertise to grow your business, professional coaching to elevate you to your full potential and understanding in communication intelligences to cultivate your professional and personal relationships.

Diana hosts a podcast called The Integrated Life where she encourages her listeners to have a life where they integrate their faith, family and work so they can become whole again. She has a bachelor of science degree in Biology with minor in Chemistry from the University of North Texas and an Executive MBA from Texas A&M, Mays Business School. Diana has over thirty years of experience in the medical device industry with 30 of those years spent at Abbott. She has served in the areas of project/program management, research and development, global quality assurance, regulatory affairs/compliance and executive management.

Diana is a certified Communication IQTM consultant for Life Languages InternationalTM. Diana is a member of the 4word Women Advisory Board and is a servant leader at Elevate Life Church. She is married and has one daughter.