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freshbenies helps families save hundreds to thousands of dollars on healthcare costs.

  • Do you ever just want to call a doctor (and even get an Rx, if needed) when you or a family member are sick?
  • Are you bummed when your kids get sick – not just because they feel bad, but because you know a doctor visit will take hours out of your day?
  • Would you like a Personal Advisor to help organize/negotiate medical bills, research pricing for providers in your area and/or insurance plan and navigate the system?
  • Could you use 15-50%* discounts on dental needs like exams, whitening, braces and more? How about 10-60% discounts on vision needs like glasses, contacts, LASIK, and more? What about 10-85% discounts (46% on average) on prescriptions?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, check out freshbenies NOW!

freshbenies offsets skyrocketing healthcare and out-of-pocket costs with non-insurance services. BUT, it’s not insurance so you can use the benefits as much as you need, there are no health restrictions, it’s inexpensive and you can cancel at any time!

Click here to learn more, review disclosures and watch a quick, fun video!

*Actual costs and savings vary by provider, service and geographical area.


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