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in the workplace to reach their God-given potential.

4word: Los Angeles Gathering


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



TBD - Coming Soon

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You are invited to a special evening…an evening where you can just show up, be  your Jesus-loving self, and go deep fast with other hard working women leaders who love Jesus too.

4word is a global community of real, passionate, faithful women who are seeking to be all God made them to be!  In our Local Groups, we come together with other women like us to share and discuss our passions and goals for our careers, relationships and faith with the goal of leaving that sacred space a little more confident than when we entered it.

You’re included in this invitation because 4word knows you’re hungry for a community of Christian working women and/or you have a friend who loves you and wants you there!

We have reserved a table on the back patio to gather. Hosts will facilitate conversation. You come ready to relax and treat yourself to something off the We Olive menu! We hope to see you soon.


We are glad you are here!

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