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While there are no fees to participate in 4word, it won’t take long for you to recognize the many benefits of being part of the 4word community.

4word provides the chance to deeply connect with real, passionate, and faithful women who are navigating life together. Your 4word local community provides encouragement and prayer support for every aspect of your life with a perspective that is always grounded in our faith.

One of the easiest and most meaningful ways you can get involved and give back to 4word is to become a Member Insider. For less than 3 cents a day, you’ll receive exclusive benefits valued at over $500.

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These practical benefits far outweigh the annual fee—the benefits of being part of the 4word community are priceless. And not only is this a great deal for you, but you play an important role in joining 4word to make a difference in the lives of more Christian women just like you.

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