Connecting, leading, and supporting women
in the workplace to reach their God-given potential.

4word Mentor Program

“The 4word Mentor Program is designed to connect women who share the same goals–rising to the top in life, faith and work.” -Mentee, Cynthia

“It was wonderful to meet for a concentrated period of time (10 weeks), because our time spent seemed to be more focused and goal-oriented. The 4word Mentor Program provides a great opportunity to connect and share with other professional women.” -Mentor, Jennifer

Mentees: Ready to Grow?

When you become a mentee, you will:

  • Gain personalized insight from a seasoned, godly leader.
  • Clarify your own skills, development needs, and priorities.
  • Consider how God can use you to your fullest potential.
  • Gain personalized insight for your career, relationships, and faith.

If you are feeling stuck, encountering a new challenge, or seeking guidance, a mentor’s
wisdom and insight can make a real difference in your life.

Mentors: Ready to Serve?

As a mentor you can:

  • Make a profound impact on a high-potential leader with a commitment of six sessions.
  • Help prepare the next generation of women professionals as they launch careers, forge relationships, and find a community of believers for the road ahead.
  • Share the valuable insight and wisdom that you have gained in your own life.

If you’ve achieved important goals that you set for your career and relationships and are working to live out your faith every day, you’ve gained wisdom worth sharing.



Application deadline is September 1, 2017.


What is the 4word Mentor Program?

The 4word Mentor Program facilitates a reciprocal and collaborative learning relationship between two women who share mutual responsibility and accountability to help a mentee work toward her professional, personal and spiritual goals. 4word endeavors to help mentees more fully understand and appreciate what God has created them to do through the integration of their gifts, strengths and passions.

For women following God’s calling to a professional career, finding mentors who share their faith and gender can be “mission impossible.”

In a 2011 LinkedIn study, two thirds of professional women between 45-66 said that they have not been mentored by women. More than half say they hadn’t had a mentor, because they had never encountered someone appropriate.

4word is changing that statistic. We’re doing it through the 4word Mentor Program.

Three times each year, we match women mentees with women mentors who connect in six sessions over ten weeks. Each mentor pair meets online, over the phone, or face-to-face if located in the same city.

4word Mentors give of their time and talent. Starting at $199, 4word Mentees invest in their future.

Complete the Mentor or Mentee Applications, along with online payment for mentees, and you’ll be eligible to join the 4word Mentor Program. Mentees will be matched with the 4word Mentor whose experience best aligns with their needs.

Mentor pairs connect virtually, by phone or video conference, at times convenient to you. If you are matched with someone in your area and wish to connect face to face, you are welcome to make those arrangements.

New for 2017! As an added bonus 4word Mentees will receive their first year of 4word: Member Insider for freeThe membership platform will provide you with “member-only” discounts and events at many Local Groups, along with giving you access to the 4word Job Opportunity Board.



  • This is a program only for women.
  • Mentees must currently have a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent work experience).
  • Mentees must be working 75% of the time (30 hours a week).


Mentor Program Schedule

  • September 1, 2017:  Application Deadline
  • September 28, 2017: Kick-Off Conference Call
  • Six 1-hour discussions at times determined by Mentor/Mentee pair
  • December 14, 2017: Wrap-Up Conference Call

Conference call details will be emailed.

Questions? Send us an email!


“The 4word Mentor Program was instrumental in helping me put my faith, life, and career in perspective at a point when I really felt lost and confused. It is an amazing program and so worth every minute of time spent on overseas phone calls and reading the recommended books from my mentor. I loved it and am looking forward to keeping in touch with my mentor in the future.”
-Mentee, Elizabeth, Sydney, Australia