4word Mentor Program

Benefits Experienced by our Mentees

Your mentor will be a vital source of confidence and encouragement, helping you look toward the future with hope and faith, instead of fear and uncertainty.

“My mentor gave me the confidence to make the right changes and put me on track to begin a new and exciting chapter in my profession.”

About our Mentor Program

The 4word Mentor Program is a 10-week experience. We provide three simple yet effective ingredients:

  • A proven framework for engagement
  • A well-matched mentor
  • Support throughout the process

Similar programs delivered in a corporate environment cost $699 or more. At 4word, we leverage our network of incredibly gifted mentors to provide you the opportunity to invest in yourself at a fraction of the cost.

Pricing starts at $399.

“What a joy to be able to share my current opportunities, challenges and struggles, and gain much-needed perspective and wisdom from a guide.”

What might you accomplish with someone wise to guide you?

4word mentors have faithfully walked the path of navigating faith, family, and career. Now they want to walk beside you.

If you feel a bit lost…

Uncertain about your next move, or the place God is calling you to go, take heart.

If you’re at a crossroads…

Stepping out of your comfort zone, making a critical life transition, don’t fear.

If the same old challenges have been holding you back…

But you can’t seem to pinpoint their cause or put a plan into action to move forward with purpose, get ready.

We’ve Uncovered a Core Issue

When your colleagues are not Christians and your Christian friends are not in the workplace, you need a guide familiar with the unique path to which God has called you.

God never intended us to do life alone.

Instead, He directs us toward relationship – the place we receive the encouragement we need to take our next step with confidence.

We created the 4word Mentor Program because we have met too many Christian women in the workplace who feel isolated. The program springs from our central mission: to connect, lead, and support women in the workplace to achieve their God-given potential with confidence.

We truly believe connecting women through mentoring relationships is one of the most valuable ways we can fulfill this mission. And as the largest network of Christian women in the workplace, we are in the best position to serve as mentorship matchmakers!

About our Amazing Mentors

We have an ever-expanding network of talented mentors, dedicated to the mission of connecting through authentic, Christ-like relationships to provide wisdom and direction for our global community of women. Their collective experience spans almost every industry, at every level. They have personally grappled with core life issues including work-life balance, singleness, marital conflict, infertility, inter-office politics, crises of faith, start-up drama and more.

No topic is off the table.



This program is for women who:

We are always looking for new Mentors!

Interested in becoming a 4word mentor?