In today’s current environment, stress is arguably at an all-time high and employee engagement is fundamentally challenging at best.  Personal mentoring is one of the most impactful investments an employer can make.

The 4word brand of mentoring is whole-person focused and uniquely positioned to address the professional, personal, and spiritual goals of high potential and rising star women associates. It is a complement to an employee benefit that quite likely drives the strongest workplace engagement –  the voluntary Christian faith-based resource group. The goal of the 4word Corporate Mentor Program is to reinforce professional and organizational strategic objectives and enhance overall quality of life and, as a corollary, productivity!

“This program is for women who want to grow in their professional career, while learning the heart of being a deeper, more authentic person. A mentee gets six sessions of focused mentoring that is personal and dedicated to growth. While there might be other mentor programs in America, I don’t know of one with this price point, where so much consideration is given to the matching process.” 

4word Mentoring is:

  • Challenging
  • Encouraging
  • Inspiring
  • Motivating 
  • Full of questions
  • Clarifying what’s possible
  • Pursuing new awareness
  • Sharing best practices
  • Reinforcing spiritual strength

“A mentoring program is only as good as its mentors, and 4word has a unique network of successful professional women from a variety of industries who are excited about pouring into the next generation of professional Christian women.”

What you can expect in the 4word Corporate Mentor Program:

For more information about the 4word Corporate Mentor Program, please email Lisa Lewis here.