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What Are You Worth?

March 5, 2018


Tax season is upon us (oh the joys!) and for many of us, that means a very clear and hard-to-ignore lesson in worth. All those forms and all that filing lead to a definitive answer of where all your money went over the past 12 months. The dizzying amount of dollars and percentages clearly lay out your financial net worth.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if knowing our life’s worth was that simple? Where are our emotional 1099s and spiritual W-2s? Why can’t someone just hand us a piece of paper with our worth displayed in bright bold font so we know where we stand?


Alas, that isn’t how it works. So nearly all of us have been, are currently, or will be struggling to get a clear picture of our worth as women. We all want to know where we fit in and what our “value add” is. Even those who claim to not care what other people think of them still harbor at least a stray thought or two about what kind of mark they are leaving on this world.


When you are confident in your worth, a clarity washes over you and guides everything you do. Your life has direction, your actions have intention, and your heart fills with joyful accomplishment at the end of each day. But is it possible to truly know your worth?


Yes, it is. Check how worthy you currently feel against these questions:


  • What are three skills you successfully bring to the table at work?
  • When was the last time you felt confident, at work and at home?
  • How many times a day does doubt or insecurity seep into your thoughts?
  • How would you describe your life’s direction?
  • When was the last time you asked God to show you a clear picture of your worth?


“Though an army besieges me, my heart will not fear; though war breaks out against me, even then I will be confident.” – Psalm 27:3


Now more than ever, women need to be confident in their worth. Our value is constantly under assault by the images we see and messages we hear on social media. Worse, we ourselves are often quick to judge our own value. In the workplace, stories and accounts of sexual abuse and misconduct continue to spread like wildfire. At home, the world’s definition of “perfect” has laid siege to how we love our significant other, our children, and our friends. At church, if we don’t fit the “typical” description of a Proverbs 31 woman, we aren’t seen as worthwhile contributors to the body of Christ and continuously struggle to fit in.


At 4word, one of our driving goals is to help women around the world find and embrace confidence in their worth. It is possible to know your worth based on God’s unshakable truth. He created each of us with His hand. We are His beloved children on whom He has bestowed unique gifts that add up to a value no one else can offer. Join us this month as we work to cast aside insecurities and silence the world’s shouts of “not good enough.” You are a daughter of the King. It’s time to claim all the riches that title offers.




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2 responses to “What Are You Worth?”

  1. stephanie hagerty says:

    Dear Friend Diane,
    After so many years, I have found you through Holly Howerton, this message really touches my heart.
    I pray you and your family are well, ours is growing by 2 sons-in-law and a granddaughter of 8months. Both families of children live in Oregon, our oldest Alexandra the new momma and husband reside in Portland (Nike for Alexandra and William transported his family real estate development business to Portland) and Christina and her husband reside in Pendleton – both PhD agricultural researchers in potato breeding and wheat pathology.
    Pat and I continue our work, Pat was at OHSU for 4 years beginning a residency in Hospital Dentistry, the one he graduated from, he’s now with Keizer providing implant dentistry in a clinic that has not had his skill set present in the clinic.
    I’m with Samaritans Cancer Program working throughout the Samaritan Region.
    Thanks for what you are sharing from your life and promoting the strength and health of women.
    Warm regards from the Willamette Valley on a beautiful spring morning.
    Stephanie Hagerty
    541 990 9671

  2. Felicia Brown says:

    I am struggling with being alone realizing my self esteem is almost non existent. I know i need a breakthru. This is not God best for me. He is letting me see how empty i was. I need peace that surpasses all understanding

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