Episode 8: “You Don’t Need Permission To Rest” – An Apple Manager’s Journey to Resting Without Guilt 

If you had to give your daily rest practices a performance review, how would you do? In a work culture driven by results, it’s entirely possible that “rest” has all but fallen off your radar. Kyla Cragg, manager in AppleCare Engineering with Apple and a Project Manager for Inclusion & Equality, joins the podcast to chat about when she realized rest isn’t something you need permission to do and shares how she’s learned to rest without guilt.

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Guest Bio:

Kyla Cragg has worked at Apple for almost 12 years. She is usually a manager in AppleCare Engineering, but is currently on a 6-month assignment as an inclusion & equality project manager. She is also a leader on mentorship, career growth, and volunteerism. From 2014-2019, Kyla was called to co-chair Apple Christian Fellowship in Silicon Valley, where she helped build a strong leadership team, increased membership, and launched several sustaining programs to increase engagement and sense of belonging.

In January 2020, Kyla felt led to join the 4word: Silicon Valley leadership team and was honored to host the first conversation in 4word’s 4-part series about racial reconciliation last summer.

Kyla is also wife to Doug, mom to Chloe and Kenzie, and a runner. Rest does not come easy, but she’s getting better at it over time.