Episode 11: Don’t Let Racism and Sexism Steal Your Hope in Today’s World

Women in the workplace are a group being impacted at an alarming rate with issues that often make zero sense and cause undue stress and uncertainty, ultimately brewing feelings of resentment and overall disunity in the workplace. Racism, ageism, sexism, and many other issues affect us in the workplace and then bleed outside the office and into our daily lives, too. Joi Freeman, a highly successful business woman and 4word woman, talks about what it’s like to be a single woman of color in the workplace, and how her status carries over to the church. Hosted by Jordan Johnstone.

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Guest Bio:

Strategist. Youth culture enthusiast. Advocate for the voices of vulnerable populations. Joi Freeman thrives in chaos and is a natural-born influencer. Widely regarded as a brand “fixer,” she possesses a unique talent for creating compelling strategies out of disorder and streamlining messages. She helps professionals realize their potential and has a knack for moving teams from the place where they are stuck to the place they want to be.

Her work launching brands and transforming culture spans industries and sectors with a roster including The Boston Consulting Group, the YMCA, Claire’s & Icing stores, the Girl Scouts, MoneyGram International, McDonald’s and Burger King. Recently she founded Remnant Strategy a consultancy working at the intersection of culture and business to council brands through the process of mapping the next and better chapter to their story.

In addition to her work advising companies, Joi has also worked with HOPE Worldwide on various projects including early childhood development in South Africa and brand strategy in Kenya. She is currently completing her MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

When not helping build brands, Joi is mentoring young professionals, traveling across the globe, and discovering new dishes to serve at her dinner parties.

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