Work, Love, Pray episode featuring Dr. Merary Simeon discussing self-awareness and EQ

Episode 11: The Power of Self-Awareness in Emotional Intelligence

In this episode, the conversation explores the importance of self-awareness in emotional intelligence (EQ) and how it relates to mindfulness. Dr. Merary Simeon, a Fortune 50 HR executive and author of H.E.R.A.C.T., shares insights on self-awareness and its impact on personal and professional growth. She emphasizes the need to pause, reflect, and understand our emotions, triggers, and inner world. Dr. Merary and host, Jordan Johnstone, discuss the importance of self-awareness and vulnerability in managing emotions and building relationships. They also explore the connection between self-awareness and forgiveness in emotional healing.

H.E.R.A.C.T. is June’s featured book of the month on the Podcast Reading List.
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Key Takeaways

Guest Bio:

Dr. Merary Simeon smiling in a white suit

Dr. Merary Simeon is a Fortune 50 HR Executive and co-founder of ZERA Consulting, a company that equips leaders with skills and strategies that advance multicultural women in the workplace. Through her meaningful work, she addresses crucial workplace issues such as creating an inclusive culture, intentional leadership, and more. 

With her rich experience and respected reputation, she’s become an engaging speaker, inspiring audiences to activate their power, unlock their potential, fulfill their purpose, and unmute their voice. 

Dr. Simeon holds a doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. Her guiding principle is Philippians 4:13, crediting her success to Jesus Christ.