Episode 12: Labels Need to Be Dropped To Make Way for Intentional Inclusion

In the workplace, it’s not uncommon to feel like you are just a faceless body on a team. Even the boardrooms of America have obvious signs of a lack of inclusion and diversity. So how can we make the workplace feel more like a unified organization? It can start with you and in today’s episode, you’ll learn the steps you can take to direct your company in a more inclusive direction.

In this episode, Patricia Asp, 4word Board Member and founder of ASPire, shares why she’s so passionate about helping companies embrace more inclusive values, and how she hopes ASPire will help hardwire company culture for sustainability.

Guest Bio:

Meet Patricia Asp, 4word Board Member, Principal and Founder of ASPire. After witnessing the dramatic weakening of core values of great companies during successions, mergers, acquisitions and rapid growth, Pat launched ASPire as a commitment to the strategic preservation of the goodness of companies and organizations. Using two proven methodologies for measurement and accountability, ASPire‚Äôs clients align Purpose and Culture and business strategy for growth and sustainability.  

For the month of June, ASPire is offering to lead your organization through a Culture Sustainability Assessment at a discounted rate. Click here and type 4word in your contact message to learn more.

Is your company struggling to adapt to new regulations, new workflows, and new workplace culture in the wake of the pandemic? ASPire, an organization founded by 4word Board Member Patricia Asp, is here to help you preserve the goodness of your organization by hardwiring your culture for sustainability, build strategies and plans that leverage the amplification of alignment and integration of Purpose, People, Process, & Profit.

For the month of June, ASPire is offering the 4word community a discounted rate on their Culture Sustainability Assessment. Click here for more information and be sure to type 4word in your message to qualify for the discount!